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About SOAR Selling

A breakthrough method for getting in the door with top decision makers.

From the cofounders of the international sales training company, Dialexis, Inc., comes the groundbreaking method for the biggest challenge of every salesperson: getting face-to-face meetings with top decision makers in a B2B setting.

It’s time to stop wasting valuable time using the by-the-numbers-plus-luck method—a grueling process that causes attrition and unethical dialing. SOAR Selling presents a solution to this critical problem revealing a proven way for any salespeople to make fewer calls, reach more executives, and get more appointments.

The authors have tested the SOAR (Surge of Accelerating Revenue) selling method on more than 3,000 live sales calls throughout key markets in the United States and Europe. The results are staggering. According to the authors’ research, SOAR is astonishingly effective.

SOAR Selling: How To Get Through to Almost Anyone - the Proven Method for Reaching Decision Makers

SOAR Selling is the new best practices for reaching decision makers. Its secret is simple; its approach is based in the mechanics and psychology of execution with a foundation of a powerful mindset shift. And the authors’ research reveals that with SOAR, a salesperson can make 12 dials and reach 10 top-level decision makers.

Marhnelle and David Hibbard are cofounders of Dialexis. Prior to this, David spent 18 years in the commercial real estate industry. Marhnelle began her professional career as one of the few women in Commercial Real Estate brokerage and Commercial Real Estate development. Their clients include Cisco, Apple, AT&T, Oracle, Toshiba, and many more.

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Dave S.

Dave S.

Maggie T.

Maggie T.

Rafael Pastor

Rafael Pastor

Chairman Of The Board and CEO - Vistage International

“SOAR’s integrity and efficacy not only help overcome cold-call-phobia; SOAR turns anyone who’s motivated to sell into a cold-call-master. SOAR’s proven and effective way “to get through” has achieved unmatched results for Vistage Chairs who are determined to reach and convert CEOs and other executives to Vistage membership. SOAR tips and tools have really propelled our business to SOAR.”

  • SOAR provides a contact rate with decision makers of up to 90% on every net dial to a new prospect
  • Organizations have experienced 200% to 2000% ROI in just 12 weeks from program completion
  • The method’s mindset component enables the individual to be open to a new way of driving net business using the SOAR formula
  • The coaching segment ensures the program consistently demonstrates revenue surge and ROI

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